Products Without Package for Women

In this category, you will find your favorite designer fragrances for women at a lower price due to the lack of packaging.

What does ‘no packaging’ mean?

If you buy a women’s fragrance from this category, it may arrive without cellophane, without its original box or in some cases without a cap. Anyway, the products will come in a transport package.  If you are not looking to buy a perfume as a present for your girlfriend, but want to own a designer fragrance that is 100% authentic at a fraction of the cost, then keep browsing through our variety of women fragrances with no packaging.

The quality of the fragrances is guaranteed and in no way compromised by the lack of packaging.

Browsing through this category is the perfect choice for you if:

- You are on a budget or want to save some money

- You want to buy a fragrance for yourself

- You do not require keeping your perfume in its original box

All fragrances listed here are 100% authentic, designer fragrances for women, which hold the same high quality as the rest of the fragrances offered in our online store. You will see no difference in fragrance scent, perfume bottle, longevity or quality of ingredients as a whole.

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