Face and body products

In this category, you can find only original products for a premium skin care. The amazing scents in Venera’s catalogue are now available not only in the perfume bottles, but also in the fragrant and exquisite face and body products.

Give your skin the best care with the products of loved and respected brands only. Our great variety of products, suitable for every taste, will give the needed nourishment and nurture to you skin, and will be the perfect addition to your fragrant arsenal – you will no longer worry whether and how to combine products with different smells.

Venera Cosmetics offers you high-quality body lotions with an irresistible scent that will wrap your skin in a gentle touch and aroma. An impressive appearance starts with an impeccable skin and the same kind of treatment to it. And what’s better than hydrating your skin and providing a premium care with enchanted fragrance with only one lotion. Treat yourself to the soft and gentle kiss of our products and try them now.

The face and body products we offer are just what our clients deserve – THE BEST! The high-quality original products are a combination of impeccable care and luxurious scents. Give (yourself) an experience that will leave you more than impressed.