Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions aim to shed light on and clear the relationship between the online store Fragrances. bg and its users and customers. The store and its customers and visitors are bound by these conditions to agree, value, and comply with them at all times. Fragrances.bg keeps the right to change them at any given moment without prior notice. 

"Fragrances.bg" is an e-commerce website and it is managed by the limited liability company "Venera Commerce" Ltd., UIC: 204336751, based in Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 130 Maritza Blvd., office 4.

1. Products

All products on the website are 100% genuine with guaranteed original packaging and quality. All the prices are VAT included and tax-free. The website keeps the right to change the products’ prices and promotions.

  • EDT (Eau De Toilette) – this is toilette water, which contains from 5% to 15% (typically ~ 10%) aromatic concentrate. The toilette water is the most popular form for branded fragrances, offered on the market, especially for the summer.
  • EDP (Eau De Parfum) – this is perfume water, which contains aromatic concentrate, up to 10% and 20% (typically ~ 15%). Predominant notes are medium tones or the core of flavors. The perfume water is more lasting and intrusive than the toilet water but is not suitable for the warmer months.
  • EDC (Eau De Cologne) – also known as cologne, contains from 3% to 8% (typically ~ 5%) essential oils or a blend of extracts, alcohol, and water. Eau De Colognes are mainly Chypre citrus type perfumes and men's colognes are different from women's colognes.
  • Perfume extract (Le Parfum) - this is the purest and most resistant perfume form. It lasts for up to 18 hours and the percentage of essential oils in it is about 15-40%.

2. Products without package

This is a group of products without an official package, a box and sometimes without a cap. The products in this category have not been used or consumed and their quality is the same as the standard products. They come in a transportation package that protects the content from damage during transportation. Products without packaging are identical to the testers and they are recommended for personal use only.

3. Special offers and promotions

The website offers various unique deals that are valid within a specific time period or while the products are in stock. After the offer ends, it may not be available again.

Promotional products are those reduced from their original price in our store. Special offers are valid while in stock or for a specific period.

4. Registration

To make a registration you must complete all required fields, possibly with comprehensive and updated information. Lack of such information may complicate the process of completing your orders. If you wish to receive information about attractive promotions and discounts, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

5. Privacy and Security

The website has a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate that provides an encrypted connection between the server and yourl browser to protect your personal data. All your personal data published on the website is completely confidential, secured and will be used only for the site's needs. Fragrances.bg undertakes to protect and store the personal information of its customers, to refrain from unethical practices available on the Web and will not provide your data to any third parties. For more information about storing and protecting your personal data, you can learn HERE.

6. Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, you must fill your e-mail address in Forgotten Password and then you will receive a new automatically generated password in your e-mail inbox. For security reasons, it is recommended to change the automatically generated password with a new one.

7. Orders

  1. Once you have selected a product, it can be added to your shopping cart by selecting "Add to Cart"
  2. Every product that you have ordered goes to the "Shopping Cart" menu. From there you can remove or change the quantities of the goods.
  3. To finish your order, you can select the option "Checkout", where you should fill in your personal details, as well as the shipping and payment method. If you do not wish to register as our client, you can choose "Guest Checkout".
  4. To finalize your order you should just mark that you agree with the "Terms & Conditions" and then press "Confirm order".
  5. After your order is successfully made, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation from us.

8. Payment

  1. Cash on Delivery – The most popular way of making payments in Bulgaria. The money should be handed at the time of delivery to the courier officer
  2. Bank transfer – The payment should be made by wire transfer to our bank account. After the payment is made, the client should send us an e-mail at [email protected] with the transaction number from the bank, so we can process the order.

    • Bank details:
    • Venera Commerce Ltd
    • BG50UBBS81551007613990
    • United Bulgarian Bank

  3. Debit and Credit Card Payments – Our payment system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and ePay.bg. The payment is being processed through the secured PaySera getaway. (The payment might be converted to EURO and Venera Cosmetics does not take any responsibility for any additional bank or conversion fees).
  4. PayPal – One of the most popular online payment systems. (The payment would be converted to EURO and Venera Cosmetics does not take any responsibility for any additional bank or conversion fees)
  5. ePay.bg – Popular Bulgarian online payment system processor. (Not available at the moment).

9. Issuing an invoice

If you want us to issue an invoice, you should include in the space for comments the following information: company's name, address, telephone number, company's registration number, and material responsible person.

10. Delivery and Shipping

  1. The price for delivery depends on the country your order will be shipped. Please see the table below:

    Shipping EURO
    Bulgaria 2,25
    EU countries 4,99
    Rest of the World 7,99
    Romania & Greece  3,99
  2. Every additional item adds only 1 EURO to the shipping cost.
  3. The delivery will be made by the courier services of euShipments to your door. No delivery will be provided on Sundays and national holidays (depending on the country the delivery is made to).
  4. The delivery time is between 3 and 15 working days after sending the order, depending on the location. For detailed delivery times, see the chart below:

    Destination country Transit time (working days)
    Australia 8-10 days
    Austria 4-5 days
    Belgium 5-6 days
    Bulgaria 1-2 days
    Canada 8-10 days
    Czech Republic 4-5 days
    Denmark* 6-8 days
    Estonia* 6-7 days
    Finland 6-8 days
    France* 5-6 days
    Germany 4-6 days
    Great Britain* 5-8 days
    Greece 3-5 days
    Hong Kong 7-10 days
    Hungary 3-4 days
    Iceland 6-9 days
    Ireland 6-8 days
    Italy* 4-7 days
    Japan 7-10 days
    Latvia 6-7 days
    Latvia 6-7 days
    Lithuania 6-7 days
    Luxembourg 5-6 days
    Malaysia 7-10 days
    Netherlands* 4-5 days
    New Zealand 8-10 days
    Poland 4-5 days
    Portugal* 4-8 days
    Romania 2-4 days
    Singapore 7-10 days
    Slovakia 4-5 days
    Spain* 6-8 days
    Sweden 6-9 days
    Switzerland 5-7 days
    Taiwan 7-10 days
    USA 8-10 days
    REST of the WORLD 8-15 days

    * The delivery on islands can take 1 to 2 more working days.

  5. The processing and dispatching time is usually around 24 hours from Mondays to Fridays. For orders sent after 15:00 o'clock (UTC +02:00) they are usually processed on the next working day
  6. On the day after your order is shipped, you will be notified by email and we will provide you with a tracking number for your delivery.
  7. If you include product/s with the status “Pre-order”, your order will be processed within 2 to 5 working days.
  8. For more information, please follow the link.

11. Return policy

  1. Return of purchased goods can be made within 14 days after the order is received.
  2. The goods have to be sent to the address of the company in Plovdiv, as the cost of delivery to the company is covered by the customer. The return can be made to our main office as well.
  3. 100% money refund via bank transfer shall be conducted after the product is returned with the appropriate documents and inspected by our staff, on condition that all returned goods are in their original packaging (with all seals, stamps, and cellophane as it was received), according to the provisions of art. 55 of the CPA.
  4. If the payment had been made via a debit/credit card, the money refund will be done by a reverse transaction order to the card used during the purchase in a period of up to 7 days.
  5. Partial refunds will be issued if the goods are not returned in their original condition and packaging.
  6. “Venera Cosmetics” withholds the right to refuse a refund if an item was returned without prior notice.
  7. You should use the ODR website for a conflict, which is impossible to be resolved between you (as a customer) and the respective online store.


  • In a case of an error or mistake made by the clients (wrong size, quantity or product model) the website does not take any responsibility!!!
  • The prices are available only for this online shop and they might not be the same in other company entities!
  • The website reserves the right to change prices, availability and current offers, and does not undertake the responsibility to notify the customers of the changed conditions.
  • Copyright. All the information provided on the website is currently possessed by "Venera Cosmetics Ltd." and the usage of the website content is only allowed by quotations and link to www.fragrances.bg.