Frequently asked questions

Are the products in the website original?

Yes! All the products in the website are 100% original, with guaranteed origin and proven quality, without exceptions and compromises.

Is the quality of the products "without package" the same as the quality of the standard products?

Yes! Their quality is exactly the same as standard products! The difference is that this group of products has no official packaging, box and sometimes they might be without a cap. They come in transport package which protects the content and integrity of their bottles.

How can you guarantee about the quality of your products that you offer?

Unlike many other websites selling perfumes, we stand openly with the name and the VAT number of our company. Venera Commerce Ltd. is a leading distributor of world famous brands with over 20 years of experience in the field. You are more than welcome to visit our store and wholesale warehouse in Plovdiv. For more information, visit the official website of the company.

Are the prices, in the website and in your store in Plovdiv, the same?

No! Prices are valid only for this online shop and they may not be valid for other entities of the company!

How much does the delivery cost?

The price for delivery depends on the country your order will be shipped to. Please see the table below:

Shipping EURO
Bulgaria 1,99
EU countries 4,99
Rest of the World 7,99
Romania 3,99

Every second item ships for FREE – in case you order more than 1 item, you’ll get FREE delivery for your order!

If I make an order from your website and collect it from your store in Plovdiv, would I pay a delivery?

Yes! If you want to collect your order from our office in Plovdiv, the shipping cost would be again 4 levs, if the amount of the order is less than 100 levs.

What is the estimated delivery time?

The delivery time is between 3 and 15 working days after sending the order, depending on the location. For detailed delivery times, see the chart below:

Destination country Transit time
Australia 8-10 Working Days
Austria 6-9 Working Days
Belgium 6-9 Working Days
Bulgaria 1-2 Working Days
Canada 8-10 Working Days
Czech Republic 7-10 Working Days
Denmark* 6-9 Working Days
Estonia* 7-10 Working Days
Finland 6-9 Working Days
France* 6-9 Working Days
Germany 5-7 Working Days
Great Britain* 8-10 Working Days
Greece 4-5 Working Days
Hong Kong 7-10 Working Days
Hungary 6-9 Working Days
Iceland 6-9 Working Days
Ireland 7-10 Working Days
Italy* 7-10 Working Days
Japan 7-10 Working Days
Latvia 7-10 Working Days
Latvia 7-10 Working Days
Lithuania 7-10 Working Days
Luxembourg 6-9 Working Days
Malaysia 7-10 Working Days
Netherlands* 6-9 Working Days
New Zealand 8-10 Working Days
Poland 7-10 Working Days
Portugal* 7-10 Working Days
Romania 3-4 Working Days
Singapore 7-10 Working Days
Slovakia 6-9 Working Days
Spain* 7-10 Working Days
Sweden 6-9 Working Days
Switzerland 7-10 Working Days
Taiwan 7-10 Working Days
USA 8-10 Working Days
REST of WORLD 8-15 Working Days

* The delivery on islands can take 1 to 2 more working days.

The processing and dispatching time is usually around 24 hours from Mondays to Fridays. For orders sent after 16:00 o'clock they are usually processed on the next working day.

On the day after your order is shipped, you will be notified by email and we will provide you with a tracking number for your delivery,
If you include product/s with status “Pre-order”, your order will be processed within 2 to 5 working days.

Could I get a discount from your website prices?

There are regular promotions and discounts we make, so check the website regularly for deals and promotions!

Could I make an order, without registering in your website?

Yes! While making an order you can choose 'Guest Checkout' and you would simply need to fill out the information needed to complete your order.

Could I return a purchased product?

Yes! You can return a product within 14 days, after receiving your order! More information on the return of goods and refund policy you can find here.

I forgot my password. How can I log in into my account?

If you have forgotten your password, you should enter your e-mail address in "Forgotten Password" and then you will get a new automatically generated password in your mailbox. For security reasons, it is desirable to change the automatically generated password to a new one.

I have made an order, but I did not receive any confirmation e-mail. Was my order successful?

No! If you did not receive an automatic e-mail to your from us, it means that you have failed to successfully complete your order. What you should do is return to our website and follow the steps to confirm your order. If you have made your order successfully, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail with a unique (5-digit) number on your order. This way, you will know that we have successfully received your order and will complete it.

Are the pictures of the products an exact same copy as the product I would receive?

No! The photos on the website are only for demonstration in order to show the users a visual insight of how a product would look like. For example, a photo of a product 'without package' could have a cap, but in fact, it might be offered without one.

What is the difference between EDT, EDP, EDC and perfume extract?

  • EDT (Eau De Toilette) – this is toilette water, which contains from 5% to 15% (typically ~ 10%) aromatic concentrate. The toilette water is the most popular form for branded fragrances, offered on the market, especially for the summer.
  • EDP (Eau De Parfum) - – this is perfume water, which contains aromatic concentrate, up to 10% and 20% (typically ~ 15%). Predominant notes are medium tones, or the core of flavors. The perfume water is more lasting and intrusive than the toilet water, but is not suitable for the warmer months.
  • EDC (Eau De Cologne) - also known as cologne, it contains from 3% to 8% (typically ~ 5%) essential oils or a blend of extracts, alcohol, and water. Eau De Colognes are mainly Chypre citrus type perfumes and men's colognes are different from women's colognes.
  • Perfume extract (Le Parfum) - this is the purest and most resistant perfume form. It lasts for up to 18 hours and the percentage of essential oils in it is about 15-40%.

Can I make an order on phone, email or official Facebook page?

We prefer to you make your order from our online store. It’s very easy, fast and you don’t need a registration. If you don’t want to make a registration, you should just press the button “Guest Checkout” and fill out required fields, which are mark with *. If you make your order in our online store, it will be processed with a priority.

With who couriers you work?

For Bulgaria we work with “Econt Express” to their office and with “Speedy” if you want to deliver work order to special address. For other countries we use “DHL” and “Bulgarian Post”

Can I review and try the product before I pay (if Cash on Delivery only)?

All of our products have a review option. You can test the products ONLY if the product does not have a package.

Do you offer samples of the perfumes?

No, we don’t have a practice like this. The most of our perfumes could be tested in our shop in Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 130 Maritza blvd.

How can I use a discount?

  • If you get a promo code or voucher from our special campaign or online game;
  • If you’re our loyal customer. You can read the conditions to became a loyal customer here
  • If you make an order to a certain amount. If you purchase products for the amount of 255 EURO (~500 BGN), you get 2% discount; for more than 511 EURO (~1000 BGN), you get 3% discount; for more than 1022 EURO (~2000 BGN), you get 4% discount; for more than 1534 EURO (~3000 BGN), you get 5% and for more than 2556 EURO (~5000 BGN) – 6% discount.
  • For other discounts, you can check our special offers here

Do you have a wholesale customer policy?

Yes, we have. For more detailed information, please fill out the following form