Products without package

In this category, you can find 100% high quality branded perfumes without package or cellophane. Many of these products don’t have a cap or a box but this doesn’t mean they’re not original. On the contrary – it only means that you will be getting an original long-lasting fragrance for a lesser price and without a package you’ll probably end up throwing away anyway. Same as testers, the perfumes without package Venera Cosmetics offers you are 100% original high quality fragrances by famous luxurious brands. Choose an original, mesmerizing, special fragrance and save money by buying a perfume without package.

By choosing a perfume without package, you just get your favorite scent at an even more affordable price. That’s it! Your luxurious perfume will be delivered in a transport box with the same guarantee of quality and irresistible long-lasting scent. Original perfumes have never been so accessible!Get an incredible branded perfume and save money. Make a gift to yourself! Choose a charming and stylish fragrance from our collection and be irrestistible.