Iceberg perfumes

Iceberg is a famous Italian fashion brand that was founded in 1962 in Rimini, Italy. It is mainly famous for its sportswear, but it also offers menswear, women’s’ wear, juniors’ wear, eyewear, perfumes, etc.

At the beginning, Iceberg was just a small family knitwear company, but their innovative designs and usage of knitwear for fashionable clothing, as well as the bright colors they skillfully incorporated in their style, got them a reputable place in the fashion world. They were also the first to introduce fashionable sportswear among young people.

Nowadays Iceberg is very popular among the hip-hop and pop music circles for their high quality clothes using the last technologies and materials.

The first fragrance by Iceberg, carrying the brand’s name, was launched in 1989. Today all Iceberg fragrances are developed and offered in collaboration with Selective Beauty.

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