Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss perfumes

Hugo Boss is a German fashion brand, offering a wide variety of fashion and lifestyle products like clothes, shoes, accessories, kids wear, gifts, fragrances, etc.

The company was founded in 1924 in Metzingen, Germany. It was a hard start for Hugo Boss, due to the tough post-war economy. Just a few years after he started his business (in 1931), his company went bankrupt and he was left with just six sewing machines and the entrepreneurship spirit that lead his company to its present success.

During the WWII, he was supplying uniforms to the Nazi Party, among many other party organizations. His close connections to the Nazi party got him banned shortly after the war ended, but the company soon managed to start doing business again.

Nowadays, Hugo Boss is a world famous brand associated with luxury, class, and elegant lifestyle. The first Boss fragrance, Boss Number One for men, was launched in 1985 and today the brand offers a lot of both men and women fragrances.

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