Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani perfumes

Born in 1934, Giorgio Armani is a world famous Italian designer, known for his clean lines and men’s wear. He is an example of how you can “conquer the world” starting from scratch. He walked a long way from a shop window designer to a lead designer of Nino Cerutti. After spending over a decade for the famous brand, he then decided to work as a freelance designer for a few years.

Giorgio Armani founded his own company in 1975, which nowadays includes men’s wear, women’s wear, underwear, jeans, accessories, fragrances, and versatile beauty products. His first fragrance, Armani for Women, was launched in 1982, starting a series of overnight successes for his perfumes.

With over a hundred fragrances under his brand, Giorgio Armani never fails to create a sense of uniqueness and class in the person wearing one of his perfumes.

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