Escada perfumes

Escada is a relatively new German fashion group, founded in 1978. Its name comes from Portuguese, meaning “staircase”. The distinctive patterns and bold colors, used in their fashion collections, have won them world brand recognition.

The fragrance division of the company, called Escada Beauté, was founded in 1990. Just at the same time, they released the brand’s first fragrance of the brand, called Escada Margaretha Ley, which pays tribute to one of the brand’s founders.

Escada perfumes, just like Escada fashion, are famous for their bold color and shape decisions regarding packing and bottles. The company’s fragrances are fruity-floral, mainly targeting young people.

Among the perfumers, working with Escada, you’ll find Pierre Bourdon, Dominique Ropion, Annick Menardo, Michel Almairac, Philippe Romano, Sophie Labbe, Francis Kurkdjian, and Bertrand Duchaufour.

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